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about 1 month ago
DripyDiamond´s IGN

In-game name - DripyDiamond

Age - 16

Discord - Already joined cursed-craft discord....Username - Shutt0662

What version are you playing on (java/bedrock) - I was playing on bedrock /6 y./ and right now on java 6 months

How long have you been playing Minecraft? - 6/7 years

How many hours you can be online per day - 4/5 hours

Do you have any experiences with being moderator? - Being owner of really small Java/Bedrock server - GhastBusters

If yes describe what was your job - Answer players questions about server, help with server, being part of community and being able to a lot of commands.

Why you decided to apply for staff? - On server I am working on a lot of projects with my friends and it will help me to start my youtube/streamer career on this server. The server is very great and I think more people should know about it.


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